A New Lease on New Year's Intentions

This post was originally featured in the Okanagan CoLab Winter Survival Kit series. It feels relevant once again as the excitement and original fervor of the new year fades and we begin to motivate and support in new ways. 

During these darker seasons, it's so important to care for our bodies in a way that maximizes our connection to inspiration, motivation and joy. If you're feeling off this season, let's talk. Click "Consult with Maddie" above to book a free (virtual) tea date. 

The new year has passed and many of us are staring down audacious health, business and life resolutions. 

As the foundation of our physical wellness, which translates into productivity, inspiration and success in all facets of our lives – nutrition may be the secret sauce to sticking to (and achieving) the loftiest of these goals!

I’m sure I don’t have to convince you that a sick body isn’t going to make success easy – but many of us struggle when it comes to balancing work life and healthy nutrition. When a deadline is looming Mr. Noodles starts to look a lot like Mr. Dinner tonight. 

But 2018 is YOUR year, this is a year of collaboration, glass ceiling smashing and ridiculous successes. So here’s how you’re going to get your nutrition on point for the year ahead – so you and your body are on the same team.

You’re going to make it easy and so joyful you don’t think twice about the extra few minutes (because joy has its own benefits!), by following some of the steps below. I call this “way-finding with joy” because “way-finding with health trends” crashes and burns Every. Single. time.

Here’s the key. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. If you’re reading this, you probably spend a lot of them focused on productive things like learning, growing a business, taking care of other people or doing some serious badassery. By choosing a nutrition plan based on what gets you amped, you reduce the need for excess willpower and focus – leaving more of that for the important stuff.


Start with what you love. To streamline this process, attempt to find the crossover between meals that have some real food and the ones you love. Then get creative, experiment with lower sugar versions or Pinterest paleo, gluten free or vegan options (they all have great whole food based alternative recipes). I love texture and flavor in my meals, so to top any meal I add sprouts and dressings of all kinds!

Make dessert first. If you haven’t tried a ‘fat bomb’ or ‘protein ball’ or ‘homemade chocolate’, it’s time. I’m a big advocate for whole food alternatives to pretty much everything (whole food = still looks like it came from the earth) and I have a pretty low tolerance for sugar so these sugar free, decadent shapes of goodness are a staple in my house. We all go through phases of feeling ‘ultra inspired’ and stock up on salad, but if you’re stocked with something to satisfy a sweet tooth too – you’ll avoid any drama (check out the pomegranate bark below!). Plus, there’s no guilt in over indulging in ingredients like berries, cocoa, virgin coconut oil and organic nuts!

Swap up your rewards. Treat yo’ self, but wine gets old and you deserve a better celebration. I’m not telling you to drop wine or pie completely, but try a new way to celebrate the wins (big and little) and avoid the odd hangover! Try taking yourself for a celebration service like a massage after a productive week or tickets to an event you’ve been looking forward too.

While we’re at it, try switching up date night too. Take a cooking class together or take your potential mate climbing.

Variety is the spice of life. Try new foods. The more (whole) foods you add, the more micronutrients you add to your diet. This way you buffer against nutrient deficiency and open up your diet! Try swapping it up with a fermented drink like Kombucha, seaweed salad (wakeme) or a mushroom ‘coffee’ alternative! Challenge yourself to cook with a new vegetable every week, some you’ll love, others not-so-much. Leverage the infinite power of your smartphone to diversify your diet in the most delicious ways – google your new ingredient for fun ways to turn it into a dish.

Stay stocked. Always have food on hand. You never know when opportunity will come knocking or inspiration will strike, if you have simple whole foods on hand, you don’t need to waste time worrying about eating well. Freeze ahead some soups and keep ingredients to throw together an easy bowl. If you have some staple favorite foods, groceries are easier than ever to order online and just pick up! During crunch time on a project, maybe you’ll consider a meal service to have meals ready to go. 

By starting with tactics like this, you’ll consistently chase the joy in your diet and your body will be ready to take on all of those shiny new resolutions. May your new year be full of wonder and your belly full of goodness.