5 ways to celebrate (self-)love this Valentine's day!

Single or not, the most important relationship you have is the one you have with you. In the nature of celebrating love, here’s a couple of sugar free ideas for you to practice this Valentine’s day, and any other day too! 

1.   A crisp new journal. Nothing is quite as satisfying as the first pages of a brand- new journal. You deserve a beautiful container for your thoughts, emotions, dreams and goals.

Make a commitment to write your truth, skip the editing and write like no one’s reading. Take it one step further, and write yourself a love note – you know what you need to hear better than anyone!

2.   Candle lit, Epson salt bath. Drop a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil into the salts, before dropping them into your hot bath. Self-cleansing rituals were “self-love” before self-love was cool.

Epson salts provide magnesium to the body to help us relax, detoxify and calm sore muscles. Make sure to drink lots of water while you soak!

 3.    Avocado brownies. It wouldn’t be right to not have some chocolate on Valentine’s day.

Try these naturally sweetened brownies from The Hungry Cub!


4.   Massage.  Has anyone ever told you, you can massage yourself at any time… even right now. Give it a try! Massage your face and temples, earlobes, between your eyes – no matter how busy you are, this is accessible to you.

Since its Valentine’s day, go all out. Grab some lotion, and rub it in. Your body is constantly working to stay alive, we don’t give it, or ourselves enough credit! Massage has the double benefit of supporting lymphatic drainage, supporting your body in gentle (natural) detoxification.

 5.   Time and space. The greatest gift, the one you think you can’t afford, don’t deserve or won’t use properly. The one most of us are starved for and desperately need.

You won’t “find” time, so make it. Schedule some time to do nothing. Literally nothing. Breathe, pay attention to the moment happening around you. Keep your phone in your bag, another room, the bottom of a lake.

Surrender to the moment, and pay attention to what fills it.

….6. Go adopt a puppy. I’m not sure I’m qualified to give this advice… Feel free to grab me one while you’re at it though!

Remember that, while practices like these are fun and incredibly valuable, the greatest self love is creating a life that honors the true you. Hold healthy boundaries, be true to what you need and say no, when no required. 

Happy Valentines day sister! 

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