Rock my world!

Have you ever had one of those moments, where someone off handedly makes a comment and it ROCKS YOUR WORLD?! 

On Saturday my husband and I were hanging out at Big White's Ciderfest nerding out about 'holistic oral care solutions' (hehe) and we were blessed by so many personalities, one in particular STOOD OUT. 

This woman came to our table and we started talking about human physiology and our bodies innate healing wisdom. Since we were there sharing my tooth powder product, we naturally move towards talking about our mouths and how our teeth actually HEAL (with a little support) and she goes " I love my teeth! I need to try this!"..... My jaw is on the floor. Still! 


This woman is my hero. 

How common is it for us to naturally rationalize because we LOVE ourselves?! It's a little different than 'I deserve this' - 'I deserve' assumes you've done something or need to do something to 'earn' it. Let's just do things, because we love ourselves! Even on a bad day, even if you spent the week on the couch. You can chose to LOVE YOURSELF - FIRST then make decisions from there! 

I love you all so much! If your reading this, and you want something, please go get it. Even if (and especially if) the investment is more than money. You can prioritize yourself over your time, your comfort, your ego, your identity and your money.. just because you love yourself. 

You'll find me journalling through the chaos this morning! Because I love me, and this is what I need to feel vital today! <3

Thank you Ciderfest lady! You are an inspiration.