For the special orderers

Can we just take a short moment to appreciate some special people? 

I know, theres a lot going on and we're incredibly privileged to even have this 'problem'. 

But, I'd like to raise my rosemary lemonade to my friends with dietary restrictions. 

I'm having the most wonderful day exploring Vancouver, and the abundance of food and wellness to be found here! Like I said, I realize the privilege at play here... but not being asked "Is it celiac... or are you *just* avoiding gluten" with a snarky eye roll and insinuated "Im gonna spit in your food", is incredibly refreshing! 

Which is why, it is so much more important the unsung heroes of the dietary restricted world keep doing what they do. 

THANK YOU : Vegans, Vegetarians, Gluten intolerances, Lactose intolerances, People with allergies or restrictions of all kinds! You are creating a world like the one I'm lucky enough to be enjoying today! 

Our food supply is damaged. Our allergies are the result of feeding our society with products instead of food and our sensitive guts are not wrong! 

I see you saying no to wonderful home cooked delights at family dinners. 

I see you asking repeatedly to double check your food has been prepared with care for your allergies, then being extra polite when a mistake has been made. 

I see you fielding comments from friends and family about your decisions, and gracefully letting them slip off your back. 


Whether your decisions are for environmental reasons, health reasons or reasons you don't care to explain - YOU ARE A TRAIL BLAZER. 

You're changing the world and how it thinks about food. 

And you're making it easier for the next generation to make conscious decisions about what they consume. 

I'm grateful for you. 

Rock on.

Let's chat more, shall we?