About my mastureating...

This morning, I had an amazing energy alignment and really got in the mood to receive. 

I made a big mug of ginger tea and started off by taking my dog for a lazy walk around the block, which of course was enough to merit a decadent brunch. 

I waltzed home in anticipation of the feast, dimmed the lights, put on an acoustic playlist and let the coconut oil melt in its pan…. 

Okay you caught me. I was mastureating. 

Swaying around the kitchen, playing with my favourite foods, and taking the time to chew each bite without distraction – that’s how I like it. 

There was a time where eating with me, myself, and I meant plowing into a bag of *(insert nearest snack I could get my hands into)* and throwing away the package, specifically at the bottom of the trash, so no one would know how much I ate. 

I would finish bloated, full, and ashamed. 

Now, I finish satisfied; my digestive system is working to digest the nourishment I filled it with and I still have space in my body to flow through the day. 

Here’s how you can mastureat better too:

1) Create space: Tidy your kitchen before you start cooking. Having a clean space to create a meal will reduce stress and make it an easier experience. 

2) Cook what you love: This is not the time to listen to Pinterest nutrition advice or restrict yourself to a diet you read about last week (even if it can cure cancer). You deserve some lovin', so give it to yourself! Don’t eat anything that you know will make you sick. That’s lust, not love. 

3) Remove distractions: Put your phone away, hide the laundry in the closet. If you have small kids, hide them in the closet. This is a time for you and your body to fully immerse in the experience of FOOD! 

4) Say Grace: Blessing your food and pouring gratitude over it, whether in your head or aloud, raises the vibration of the food and creates anticipation in the body. This allows the body to create more enzymes and digestive fluids in preparation for good food. 

5) ENJOY: Take the time to chew slowly, taste the deep flavour profile of every bite, and bask in the experience.

P.S. If you like it like that, mastureating can be done with friends and family too! 

Do it with me via e-mail.... I'd love to talk to you more!