First Date?

Have you ever wondered what a 'Discovery Call' is?

It's a little like a first date.

For many practitioners, especially the entrepreneurial types, our businesses are an expression of our heart and soul's work!

It's important for us to find the right people to work with.

I mean, I'd love to help everyone...

But to pretend I could retain that much information, or offer something powerful and valuable to each and every person who crosses my page... that would be a lie.

I have a specific set of skills (as all practitioners do). And for the people whom I can serve, I will change your freaking life (I promise)! But, if we're not a great match (and that's cool too!) it would be a waste to pretend it is.

A discovery call is a first date. On me.

We're gonna talk a little. I'm gonna ask some questions, you're gonna ask some questions. I'm going to share what I offer. And if we jive, you'll leave with a little advice, a lot of hope, and a plan for your next steps!


If we don't jive, we can still be friends, and I'll give you the contacts of a few practitioners who I think may better be able to serve you in the future.

See? It's as easy as that. No pain, no embarrassment, no pressure.

If you've seen those big colourful "Book Now" buttons, and avoided clicking next, I dare you to try it! You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Take care, my loves.

- Maddie


Oh? You want a date with me? Click here to get your free discovery call! 

(If you prefer, we can get to know each other better this way!)