Water... You're doing it wrong.

Now adays getting hydrated takes a little more than drinking any old water....Chances are, if you've been chugging ice cold water straight from the tap and never feeling 'quenched', You're doing it wrong. 

 Fear not, here’s a few more ways to get more out of your intake!

1)   Know your requirements. One way of calculating your water requirements is your body weight in pounds, halved as ounces. For example: if I weigh 140lbs, my ideal water intake is around 70oz per day.
                       - Take this with a grain of salt (literally and figuratively), if you still feel thirsty or cannot consume this amount, listen to your body, every person is different and your body will send you the signals you need.

2)   Add salt! Our tap water is often lacking in the minerals that our body requires to keep us hydrated, the result is water that goes through our system and is pee'd out without serving its purpose. Add a teaspoon of Celtic gray sea salt, Utahs Redmond real salt or Himalayan pink salts to 32oz of water or sprinkle in to taste.
                       - Alternative ingredients to add to your water include: Lemon, Ginger or other fresh herbs

3)   Drink room temperature to hot water. Ice cold water constricts blood vessels slowing circulation, impairing digestion and contributing to toxic lymph congestion. Warm water encourages natural cleansing and flow.

4)   Drink one tall glass of warm water (about 16oz) first thing in the morning. Your body has been cleansing and packaging waste all night and a large glass of water helps to stimulate bowel movements to clear all of the waste out. This can be done with your lemon water or immediately after.

5)   Sip water, especially around meals. Chugging water overwhelms the body and most of the water will not be absorbed. It can also dilute stomach acids and enzymes which can impair digestive fire.

“Water before a meal is nectar. It replenishes fluids and encourages juicy digestive organs. Small sips during a meal is honey. It helps turn the food into a sauce. Water after a meal is poison because it dilutes stomach acids.”
– Dr. Vasant Lad


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