I did my dishes by hand today...

I did my dishes by hand today.

The dishwasher is in perfect shape, and usually I thank god for its existence, and the luck that I have one.

Today I wanted to take the extra time

To recognize my small piece in the co creation of this food

To give thanks that what sits before me will feed my family

I didn’t have to grow it, or move it


I didn’t have to preserve or sell it


I didn’t have to acquire or cultivate land


I didn’t have to plan for weather or check my soil


I got to choose my food, from beautiful displays


I carried it home and I got to spend some time preparing and adding heat to this food


I didn’t raise the animal that made this broth


I didn’t even have to visit the farm


It was sourced locally and organic, by a shop that did the homework for me


This animal fed my family for months, in fact this broth is from our thanksgiving turkey still and we’re days from Christmas



There’s generations of wisdom behind the recipes I use


And teachers they’ve passed through to reach my hands


I couldn’t hope to understand half the tools I use


To add heat and cut evenly


Someone made them


And shared them


And now they sit and work for me


I receive all the thanks, for preparing the food we sit around during the holidays


But there’s an army behind me


Making this meal possible


My part is small


But I’m humbled to have it


So today, I’ll take some extra time to give thanks for the meal in front of me


And miracle that brought it to my kitchen