Rock my world

Have you ever had one of those moments, where someone off handedly makes a comment and it ROCKS YOUR WORLD?! 

On Saturday my husband and I were hanging out at Big White's Ciderfest nerding out about 'holistic oral care solutions' (hehe) and we were blessed by so many personalities, one in particular STOOD OUT. 

This woman came to our table and we started talking about human physiology and our bodies innate healing wisdom. Since we were there sharing my tooth powder product, we naturally move towards talking about our mouths and how our teeth actually HEAL (with a little support) and she goes " I love my teeth! I need to try this!"..... My jaw is on the floor. Still! 


This woman is my hero. 

How common is it for us to naturally rationalize because we LOVE ourselves?! It's a little different than 'I deserve this' - 'I deserve' assumes you've done something or need to do something to 'earn' it. Let's just do things, because we love ourselves! Even on a bad day, even if you spent the week on the couch. You can chose to LOVE YOURSELF - FIRST then make decisions from there! 

I love you all so much! If your reading this, and you want something, please go get it. Even if (and especially if) the investment is more than money. You can prioritize yourself over your time, your comfort, your ego, your identity and your money.. just because you love yourself. 

You'll find me journalling through the chaos this morning! Because I love me, and this is what I need to feel vital today! <3

Thank you Ciderfest lady! You are an inspiration.

For the special orderers

Can we just take a short moment to appreciate some special people? 

I know, theres a lot going on and we're incredibly privileged to even have this 'problem'. 

But, I'd like to raise my rosemary lemonade to my friends with dietary restrictions. 

I'm having the most wonderful day exploring Vancouver, and the abundance of food and wellness to be found here! Like I said, I realize the privilege at play here... but not being asked "Is it celiac... or are you *just* avoiding gluten" with a snarky eye roll and insinuated "Im gonna spit in your food", is incredibly refreshing! 

Which is why, it is so much more important the unsung heroes of the dietary restricted world keep doing what they do. 

THANK YOU : Vegans, Vegetarians, Gluten intolerances, Lactose intolerances, People with allergies or restrictions of all kinds! You are creating a world like the one I'm lucky enough to be enjoying today! 

Our food supply is damaged. Our allergies are the result of feeding our society with products instead of food and our sensitive guts are not wrong! 

I see you saying no to wonderful home cooked delights at family dinners. 

I see you asking repeatedly to double check your food has been prepared with care for your allergies, then being extra polite when a mistake has been made. 

I see you fielding comments from friends and family about your decisions, and gracefully letting them slip off your back. 


Wether your decisions are for environmental reasons, health reasons or reasons you don't care to explain - YOU ARE A TRAIL BLAZER. 

You're changing the world and how it thinks about food. 

And you're making it easier for the next generation to make conscious decisions about what they consume. 

I'm grateful for you. 

Rock on.

First Date?

Have you ever wondered what a 'Discovery Call' is?

It's a little like a first date.

For many practitioners, especially the entrepreneurial types, our businesses are an expression of our heart and soul's work!

It's important for us to find the right people to work with.

I mean, I'd love to help everyone...

But to pretend I could retain that much information, or offer something powerful and valuable to each and every person who crosses my page... that would be a lie.

I have a specific set of skills (as all practitioners do). And for the people whom I can serve, I will change your freaking life (I promise)! But, if we're not a great match (and that's cool too!) it would be a waste to pretend it is.

A discovery call is a first date. On me.

We're gonna talk a little. I'm gonna ask some questions, you're gonna ask some questions. I'm going to share what I offer. And if we jive, you'll leave with a little advice, a lot of hope, and a plan for your next steps!


If we don't jive, we can still be friends, and I'll give you the contacts of a few practitioners who I think may better be able to serve you in the future.

See? It's as easy as that. No pain, no embarrassment, no pressure.

If you've seen those big colourful "Book Now" buttons, and avoided clicking next, I dare you to try it! You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Take care, my loves.

- Maddie

Oh? You want a date with me? 

Click here to explore you best discovery call!

This is a photo of the DELISH Wallflower burger at the Wallflower Diner on Main, It comes with an eggplant spread, sprouts a gluten free bun and more without even asking! YUM.

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Joyous Smiles Remineralizing Tooth Powder! Pre-Ordering Available!

*** Tooth powder will be ready to ship by Monday June 26th!**

Tooth powder replaces your usual toothpaste! Just wet your brush, dip in the powder (you don't need much!) and brush like usual!

All ingredients are edible and safe for consumption! Rinse or swallow. 

This powder contains all of the essential building blocks for healthy teeth and none of the harmful chemicals. Designed with your WHOLE health in mind. 

Ingredients like bentonite clay, calcium carbonate and xylitol work in synergy to:
- Allow for easy absorption of minerals

-Protect the PH balance in the mouth to support bennefitial bacterial life
- Whiten teeth!
While essential oils:
- Add flavour

- Act as a gentle antibacterial agent to clean away plaque and infectious bacteria
- Increase circulation to support healthy gum's and teeth! 

Did you know your mouth is home to billions of bennefitial bacteria, hard at work to protect your teeth, aid in digestion and contribute meaningfully to your overall health?

When we brush with conventional tooth pastes, (free of natural ingredients) we actively kill these bacteria; leaving our precious teeth vulnerable, adding toxins to the delicate membranes in our mouths and potentially blocking absorption of the necessary nutrients to repair teeth. 

Ingredients: Calcium Carbonate, Bentonite clay, Organic Xylitol, Himalayan Pink Salts, Thieves essential oil (Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Rosemary)

*All ingredients are non-toxic, Clays and salts cannot get an organic certification but are above and beyond food grade
**Thieves Essential oil has the Seed to Seal guarantee.

Water... You're doing it wrong.

Now adays getting hydrated takes a little more than drinking any old water....Chances are, if you've been chugging ice cold water straight from the tap and never feeling 'quenched', You're doing it wrong. 

 Fear not, here’s a couple ways to get more out of your intake!

1)   Know your requirements. One way of calculating your water requirements is your body weight in pounds, halved as ounces. For example: if I weigh 140lbs, my ideal water intake is around 70oz per day.
                       - Take this with a grain of salt (literally and figuratively), if you still feel thirsty or cannot consume this amount, listen to your body, every person is different and your body will send you the signals you need.

2)   Add salt! Our tap water is often lacking in the minerals that our body requires to keep us hydrated, the result is water that goes through our system and is pee'd out without serving its purpose. Add a teaspoon of Celtic gray sea salt, Utahs Redmond real salt or Himalayan pink salts to 32oz of water or sprinkle in to taste.
                       - Alternative ingredients to add to your water include: Lemon, Ginger or other fresh herbs

3)   Drink room temperature to hot water. Ice cold water constricts blood vessels slowing circulation, impairing digestion and contributing to toxic lymph congestion. Warm water encourages natural cleansing and flow.

4)   Drink one tall glass of warm water (about 16oz) first thing in the morning. Your body has been cleansing and packaging waste all night and a large glass of water helps to stimulate bowel movements to clear all of the waste out. This can be done with your lemon water or immediately after.

5)   Sip water, especially around meals. Chugging water overwhelms the body and most of the water will not be absorbed. It can also dilute stomach acids and enzymes which can impair digestive fire.

“Water before a meal is nectar. It replenishes fluids and encourages juicy digestive organs. Small sips during a meal is honey. It helps turn the food into a sauce. Water after a meal is poison because it dilutes stomach acids.” – Dr. Vasant Lad


About my mastureating...

This morning, I had an amazing energy alignment and really got in the mood to receive. 

I made a big mug of ginger tea and started off by taking my dog for a lazy walk around the block, which of course was enough to merit a decadent brunch. 

I waltzed home in anticipation of the feast, dimmed the lights, put on an acoustic playlist and let the coconut oil melt in its pan…. 

Okay you caught me. I was mastureating. 

Swaying around the kitchen, playing with my favourite foods, and taking the time to chew each bite without distraction – that’s how I like it. 

There was a time where eating with me, myself, and I meant plowing into a bag of *(insert nearest snack I could get my hands into)* and throwing away the package, specifically at the bottom of the trash, so no one would know how much I ate. 

I would finish bloated, full, and ashamed. 

Now, I finish satisfied; my digestive system is working to digest the nourishment I filled it with and I still have space in my body to flow through the day. 

Here’s how you can mastureat better too:

1) Create space: Tidy your kitchen before you start cooking. Having a clean space to create a meal will reduce stress and make it an easier experience. 

2) Cook what you love: This is not the time to listen to Pinterest nutrition advice or restrict yourself to a diet you read about last week (even if it can cure cancer). You deserve some lovin', so give it to yourself! Don’t eat anything that you know will make you sick. That’s lust, not love. 

3) Remove distractions: Put your phone away, hide the laundry in the closet. If you have small kids, hide them in the closet. This is a time for you and your body to fully immerse in the experience of FOOD! 

4) Say Grace: Blessing your food and pouring gratitude over it, whether in your head or aloud, raises the vibration of the food and creates anticipation in the body. This allows the body to create more enzymes and digestive fluids in preparation for good food. 

5) ENJOY: Take the time to chew slowly, taste the deep flavour profile of every bite, and bask in the experience.

P.S. If you like it like that, mastureating can be done with friends and family too! 





Tell Me I'm Fat

The messages we receive about our bodies are subtle but persistent. People feign interest in our health, comment on what we’re eating and how we’re dressing. Sometimes even the ‘compliments’ can feel like daggers.

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Never Settle for Less

Have you ever been told…

  • “It’s all in your head.”
  • “You’re just producing too much prostaglandin.”
  • “It has nothing to do with [insert-various-other-obviously-related-symptoms-here].”
  • “We’re going to need to do a laparoscopy to confirm anything. Why don’t you try this birth control for now?”
  • “Oh, yes. Migraines, weight gain, nausea, moodiness, and feeling like shit are just typical side effects of birth control pills. You’ll get used to it, or we could try you on another brand.”

Maybe you’ve had other health practitioners you thought you could trust tell you, “You just need to stop eating junk food.”

I’ve been there. I’ve felt the heat rise in the room when I’ve asked an uncomfortable question like, “How will this diagnosis change your approach to my health?”.

I’ve been shamed by doctors for refusing bad advice, and I’ve been sent home from the hospital because the pain ripping through my body wasn’t ‘urgent’ enough for immediate tests.

 I’ve been told there is no “cure” for PMS (endometriosis, PCOS, dysmenorrhea).


Our bodies HEAL.

And we deserve better.

Here’s what I do differently.

  • I take a holistic approach. Your body is sacred and unique; I believe your healing journey should be as well. My first line of defense is food and nutrition, but I have a toolbox of practices to explore your emotional, physical and spiritual health.
  • I don’t only want to hear about your experience; I have the space and time to go deep with you. We can connect the dots between seemingly unrelated symptoms.
  • There is no judgment. I have BEEN there. The path from bad to thriving is not a straight line.
  • It is important to me that you finish each session with a deeper understanding and compassion for your body. Personal experiments, related experiences, and easy-to-read hand-outs ensure you are learning alongside your body, not just taking directions.
  • I am committed to your success. My packages allow time for you to make lasting, sustainable changes. Between sessions, I offer consistency calls and am available via e-mail to clarify questions that come up on your journey.

I am on a mission to REVOLUTIONIZE women’s health.


E-mail me at to claim your free discovery call and decide whether we are a good fit to work together.

Click here to check out my packages.

Packages available face-to-face in Kelowna B.C., or via Skype for your convenience.

Do you have a specific time frame or frequency? Send me a message and we can custom-create your plan.


The Key to success

I’ve been thinking a lot about willpower lately.

When you make a commitment to yourself, especially one as important as taking control of your health, it requires a lot of willpower to get through the tough moments.

I received some really great advice recently that I believe will help you stick to your success and master your willpower.

See the thing about willpower is… the people who have the strongest willpower, the ones who show up and smash their goals, are the people who use the LEAST amount.

Now don’t get me wrong- I don’t want you to EVER feel like you are deprived, hungry, or missing out.

When your body is healing, you have clarity of mind, and you’re finally feeling GREAT, you will naturally chose the healthier option.

But… for that little in-between time, when you’ve committed, but haven’t quite tapped into the flow of it yet:

You will need just a little…


So how do we use the least willpower possible, you ask?

Well, my friend, we don’t leave it to chance. We plan ahead. We set ourselves up for SUCCESS.

If you’re working with me, this plan will include grocery lists, meal plans, craving-busting snacks, consistency calls, and accountability.

Until then, I want to leave with you a seriously simple tool that has helped my clients set themselves up for success and keep on track with their goals.

It’s a Meal Time Cheat Sheet.

This handy tool compiles all of your go-to snack and meal ideas. It’s uncomplicated and seriously effective.

You finish this cheat sheet, add in your favourite healthy snacks and meals. Print it off, fill it out, and put it on your fridge.  Use it to make quick meals when you forget to plan in advance, or use it to plan your grocery shopping for the week ahead.

If you are ready to make your hormones work for you, harness the energy you need, and finally overcome your PMS – e-mail me at to claim your Free Discovery Call.