Gaia Smiles Remineralizing Tooth Powder


Gaia Smiles Remineralizing Tooth Powder


Gaia Smiles is a holistic, powdered alternative to your typical oral care products. Tooth powder replaces your usual toothpaste! Just wet your brush, dip in the powder (you don't need much!) and brush like usual!

It works because it provides your body with the nutrients it needs to do what it does best! You were programmed for perfection, let it happen. 

All ingredients are edible and safe for consumption. 

This powder contains all of the essential building blocks for healthy teeth and none of the harmful chemicals. Designed with your WHOLE health in mind. 

Ingredients like bentonite clay, calcium carbonate, and xylitol work in synergy to:
- Allow for easy absorption of minerals

-Protect the PH balance in the mouth to support beneficial bacterial life
- Whiten teeth!

While essential oils:
- Add flavour

- Act as a gentle antibacterial agent to clean away plaque and infectious bacteria
- Increase circulation to support healthy gums and teeth

Did you know your mouth is home to billions of beneficial bacteria which are hard at work to protect your teeth, aid in digestion, and contribute meaningfully to your overall health?

When we brush with conventional tooth pastes (free of natural ingredients) we actively kill these bacteria, leaving our precious teeth vulnerable, adding toxins to the delicate membranes in our mouths, and potentially blocking absorption of the necessary nutrients to repair teeth. 

As part of pre-order sales, you will receive a downloadable guide on sovereign oral health care (how to heal cavities)!

Happy Brushing!  

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Ingredients: Calcium Carbonate, Bentonite clay, Organic Xylitol, Himalayan Pink Salts, Thieves essential oil (Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Rosemary)

*All ingredients are non-toxic; clays and salts cannot get organic certification but are above and beyond food grade
**Thieves Essential oil has the Seed to Seal guarantee.