Strategy Package


Strategy Package


2 hour deep dive into your health and history, hang up's and desires. 

During and after this session I will build you a road map for the next 8-12 weeks on how to take your health to the next level. This write up includes:

- A detailed look at body systems and how they're working

- A plan to nutritionally support your body to bring itself back to vitality 

- A blueprint of lifestyle choices, habits and exercises to implement during this time 

- a two week, easy to implement meal plan in the form of a printable e-book (just for you!) 

This package is perfect for you if you are a self starter and looking for a personalised plan to set you on your way. 

It is also for you, if you're looking for a plan to start you on your way but require a little more support. With this plan, additional one on one coaching calls will be discounted and organized in a way that best serves you and your personality's optimal learning style. 

If you have any more questions, please send me an email at and I will reply within 24hrs Monday to Friday. 


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