The Habit Package (21 Days of Fun)


The Habit Package (21 Days of Fun)


They say it takes 21 days to form a habit- whether chewing your nails or doing your dishes on the regular. What if you took that time to make it a habit to nourish and love your body over the next couple weeks? AND what if that habit continued to serve you for the next weeks, months, and years? 

This package is for you if:

- You LOVE to feel confident, energized, and glowing from the inside out 

- You'd love to lose a few pounds and not gain them back 3 weeks down the road

- You know your diet isn't serving you

-You just don't feel like your gut is really that size (Say goodbye to inflammation and bloating!) 
- You start diet and exercise plans but never make it past the first couple days without rationalizing a burger

- You know you have immense power and joy bubbling up within you, you just need a little support getting back to and staying in your vitality

The flow:

- 1-hr per week of one-on-one

- 1 consistency call per week

- Cooperative habit-tracking and goal-scripting 

- Support via e-mail

- 3-day flex meal plan, reviewed each week

- Lifestyle printables relating to sessions’s discussion


*$88 per week on free weekly financing 

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