Hello Beautiful,


My name is Maddie. Maddie Elise Nutrition is my cry out to the world of women’s health.

I suffered for a long time with debilitating period pain.

My cycle was a MESS. I would get a period once every 3-4 months until I was 19,  but each time it ‘hit’ I would miss 4-5 days of school, work, and socializing. During these times I became a potato. Food upset my stomach, so I would eat Popsicles or ice chips for nourishment. I would pop 2 Advil and 2 Motrin every hour. I had to bring my laptop to the bathroom almost every night to have some entertainment while I moved between throwing up and well… you know. It was BAD.

I was living as a ski instructor for years, flying between Australia and Canada, partying, traveling, and living in complete fear of my period. Whenever I happened to be traveling with a boy, that fear was a monster. And back then, it was founded…

Before I found nutrition, I saw doctors and specialists, chiropractors and physiotherapists. I collected pieces of the puzzle of me in each place I looked.

For me, many of the answers I needed, I learned in studying Holistic Nutrition. Holistic nutrition gave me a ‘tool chest’ of knowledge, practices, and food and lifestyle changes to apply to my health. Most importantly, I learned how to listen to and appreciate my body’s symptoms.

For me, changing my relationship with my body created space for unbelievable things to come.

On my journey, I met my incredible husband Geoff, and we found our fur baby McConky.


Having good health and a strong understanding and relationship with my body, I can maneuver ups and downs more positively and go on trips with ease of mind. I don’t have to miss ski days while feeling like crap, and I can focus my energy on manifesting the life I desire.  I don’t want to kill my husband every month (anymore…); I can communicate better and assess my needs when I’m feeling out of balance. Seriously guys, changing my life CHANGED MY LIFE.


But honestly, the greatest gift my body has given me is the experience and wisdom I needed to serve my fellow sisters. Creating this business- speaking to and learning from all of the women who have walked this path- is the greatest privilege and I seriously can’t thank you enough for coming here.